You NEED to visit HERD Steakhouse’s NEW Basement Bar!

You NEED to visit HERD Steakhouse’s NEW Basement Bar!

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With GIANT beer pong tables, an amazing array of cocktails and the ability to host whole group cocktail masterclasses, HERD’s basement bar is the place to be! 

One of our favourite Derbyshire Steakhouses, HERD, have just re-launched their basement bar, and here’s why you should place it on top of your list to visit this month! 

First and foremost are the impressive array drinks available, served by exceptionally friendly and knowledgable staff 

There is a great selection of quality beers and ciders available, but HERD offer an amazing list of outstanding cocktails for you to try in – what could be better? 

The best cocktails in town: HERD's unbelievable basement bar!

Not only is the bar home to a vast array of drinks for you to enjoy following a long week of work, but HERD now offer you the chance to battle your friends at a game of beer pong, on one of their custom made tables! 

Sounds fantastic to us… game on!

With prices starting at £14, and danger shots available – this will be great fun! Best of all, you can choose your (beverage) weapon to fill your Beer Pong cups. Beer can be interchanged with cider and so on. The bar is only open from 6pm on Friday and Saturday, so you’ll need to claim your game of beer pong quick! 

Want to find out more about visiting HERD’s basement bar? Click HERE!

The main event: HERD's basement bar give you the chance to play beer pong with your friends for just £14!

Wanting to take advantage of the basement bar with a group of friends or family?

Well HERD will be delighted to hire out their basement bar to give you a completely private cocktail masterclass, offering you and your friends or family the opportunity to try a variety of delicious house cocktails as well as to make your own! 

The cocktail masterclass is available for groups larger than 6, so why not enquire about having your own one by clicking HERE.

Want to get a real feel for what a cocktail masterclass with HERD is like? Check out our video below from when we had the opportunity to watch one in action!


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