Why is a Buxton man running a marathon every month of 2019?

Why is a Buxton man running a marathon every month of 2019?

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Jamie Layton from Buxton is taking part in a marathon every month of 2019 to raise awareness of mental health issues and in memory of his who took his own life

Jamie, 25, sadly lost his friend Duncan Kirkup three years ago whilst the friends were still studying at University. Jamie recalls that Duncan was suffering from anxiety due to the pressure of University, to the point where he looked like ‘the lights were not switched on anymore’.

Duncan sadly took his own life, only a week after opening up to Jamie a little surrounding what he was going through. Jamie said: “It was dreadful – such a huge shock when you’re with someone every day then they’re suddenly gone. It was just really bizarre. My own anxiety got ridiculous after that – I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried about missing this in somebody else”

Jamie, 25, after completing the Gloucester Marathon

Jamie says he has suffered with anxiety for ‘as long as he can remember’, and explains that there has always been this ‘constant feeling n the pit of my stomach that something is wrong’

In the fund-raising page for his Marathon, Jamie wrote that he had just assumed that feeling ‘was normal’ and that ‘everyone felt it’.

Running for a great cause: Jamie is running for his friend Duncan

He wrote how pal Duncan’s death triggered something that made him ‘lose control’ until matters came to a head and he decided to end his own life. After ‘talking himself out of’ the suicide plan Jamie finally opened up to family and friends and sought help from medical professionals.

He wrote: “This was a turning point for me. This wasn’t a life. For the first time, I let people in to my struggle (which was the best decision I ever made).” Since January Jamie has already completed the Gloucester and Cambridge marathon, with more to come. Jamie is fundraising for the suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS, what to donate or simply find out more? Click here.

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