Why Are People LOVING The Derbyshire Distillery Gin Experience?

Why Are People LOVING The Derbyshire Distillery Gin Experience?

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If you like gin, you’ll love this brand new gin experience with Derbyshire Distillery!

Looking for a unique activity to do in Derbyshire? Come and see exactly how this quirky Derbyshire brand produce their award-winning gin and so much more. 

If this has peaked your interest (how couldn’t it, who doesn’t love gin…) then here’s what to expect once you’ve booked onto this brilliant beverage experience. 

1. A Refreshing Chesterfield Dry Gin & Tonic Upon Arrival.

As soon as you walk through the door you’ll be warmly welcomed by a delightfully refreshing glass of Chesterfield Dry Gin & Tonic, the perfect way to start your experience, right?

Just recently, Derbyshire Distillery have been working on a number of new flavoured gins and having already tried some of their other flavours, we can safely say they’re amazing (our favourite is the Lemon Sherbert gin!). 

Shortly after you’ve finished your drink, you’ll have a short presentation that’ll set you up for the tour of the distillery. 

2. Tour of Derbyshire Distillery.

So the tour begins, during which you will see how Derbyshire Distillery’s gins are produced and learn about its fascinating history.

See the actual process that is taken to make your favourite beverages from Juniper to bottle!

3. Let The Sampling Begin!

Once the tour is complete, you will sample not one, not even two, but FOUR exquisite gins of your choice whilst expanding your knowledge by finding out how they’re created. This is followed by another short presentation after which you’re free to ask any questions. 

On top of becoming a gin expert and having tasted several tasty flavours, you will also receive a complimentary miniature of your favourite one AND a discount voucher to use in the Distillery Shop, so you can make your perfect G&T! If you’re driving, then don’t you worry, because you’ll be allowed to take TWO miniatures to enjoy when you get home. 

Here’s a recipe below recommended by Derbyshire Distillery themselves!

To find out more about Derbyshire Distillery’s Gin Experiences, including booking onto one, click HERE. We’ll be booking ours very soon for sure!

We Are Derbyshire is a small and growing organisation that aims to become the hub for all Derbyshire goings on, we would love it if you visited our Homepage, which you can do by clicking HERE.

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