Vintage CAR MUSEUM to open in Derbyshire Village!

Vintage CAR MUSEUM to open in Derbyshire Village!

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We can’t wait! It could open as soon as next April!

Plans for a vintage car museum in Derbyshire have been given the green light.

The proposals, filed by The Great British Car Journey Ltd, have been granted approval by Amber Valley Borough Council officers.

It could create 30 jobs. The scheme will see a large section of the former Richard Johnson & Nephew Wire Works, now the Derwent Works site, off the A6 in Ambergate, brought back into use.

The proposals for the site, which would be called the Ambergate Motor Heritage Centre, were filed in June and the museum hopes to open in April next year.

The museum would be situated by the River Derwent.

Part of the project would involve visitors being able to drive a selection of the museum’s exhibits along a defined mile-long route on the extensive site, around the buildings of an existing construction firm.

This would be called the Drive Dad’s Car driving experience.

More than 100 cars would be on display.

The theme of the attraction would be a specific part of motoring history – the mass production, in the UK, of vehicles aimed at providing affordable family transport.

Visitors will take a “ten-stage journey” through significant periods of British car history, from the 1920s to the modern day.

This exhibition will be called “The Great British Car Journey – when Britain ruled the road”.

The project would include building a deck and seating area overlooking the River Derwent.

Will you be visiting soon?

A car park is already in place on the site, from its time as a factory, with 50 spaces. This would be improved and increased to 65 through the scheme.

The main access to the site off the A6 would also be upgraded.

The project would affect the two most northern buildings at Derwent Works.

It is intended to house the museum in the largest building, which covers 2,635 sq m.

This will also contain a café, gift shop, and a vehicle workshop to maintain and repair the exhibit vehicles.

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