These Derbyshire pubs and breweries are offering takeaway pints
The Brunswick Inn, Railway Terrace (Image credit: Derby Telegraph)

These Derbyshire pubs and breweries are offering takeaway pints

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The pubs and brewers keeping their businesses going through takeaways

Is there a moral dilemma in plugging the brewers and pubs offering delivery and collection services at this time?
I was mulling that one over all week. Is it an essential journey for a brewer to deliver beer to you or for you to drive to a brewery to pick some up? Well, probably not.

But, at the same time, the government has given the go-ahead for many of them to be open and trading (if they have a licence that includes off-sales, in pubs’ cases).

There are so many grey areas. Is it essential for me to drive to the local farm shop to get eggs? For a while, and still sometimes, I couldn’t get them in the two closest supermarkets to me, or at the two closest corner shops that are actually owned by supermarkets.

Apart from that, I felt it was an especially good time to be supporting a small local business, even if they are a bit more expensive and, for me, it’s the farm shop from now on. So, I mulled over the beer issue. And I thought, why not?
After all, I availed myself of Derby brewery Dancing Duck’s service this week. After a fortnight without a pint, I ordered and paid for some beer online from the brewery.

I followed their advice, to combine collecting it with a journey for my food shop. I had a text confirmation that my beer was ready, I arrived, it was waiting for me and I was a good bit more than two metres away from the chap from the brewery who said “Good choice, that’s my favourite,” as I picked it up from a pallet just inside the door.

Some breweries have said “that’s it, we’ll shut up shop and see you when it’s over.” Some have taken Dancing Duck’s line. I don’t think either are wrong.

It’s the same with pubs. In the city, the Brunswick have examined all the angles and concluded they can trade with off-sales; 30 yards away at the Alexandra Hotel, they have said they don’t feel they can do that and get the staffing or the social distancing right. Once again, I don’t believe either of them are wrong.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few local outlets around the area I know you can get beer from currently and when you can get it. Whether you do or not, that’s up to you.

DANCING DUCK, Payne Street, Derby

Shop open 10am-3pm Monday to Saturday at the brewery, deliveries happening Wednesday to Friday.

Order in advance for next day collection, £20 minimum order. Bottles, mini kegs and bag-in-a box available. Motto: Please feel free to panic buy! Website is dancingduckbrewery.com

LEATHERBRITCHES, Smisby, near Ashby

Orders online and payment by Paypal, minimum order £25 and deliveries on Thursday and Friday within a 10-mile radius of LE65 2TA.

They will knock on the door and step back and wait until you come to the door to pick it up. Access the service via their Facebook page, there is no information on the website.


Chris and Alex Wilbraham stopped their takeaway service for a while until they could get confirmation they were not in breach of any rules.

Now they are operating again with strict controls in place. Watch Alex demonstrate them on Facebook. They also advise combining collection with your run out for shopping. Owen Taylor pork pies can also be ordered.

Hours for collection are Wednesday to Friday 3-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm. If you have a takeaway container of your own, ideal.


Open for collections on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call 01332 290677, email Brunswickderby@aol.com or find Brunswickderby on Facebook to see what is on offer and book a pick-up slot – please do not just turn up at the door.

Payment can be made by card over the phone or contactless on pick-up, with cash only as a last resort. They will need to know in advance if you are paying cash.

The Brunswick’s sister pub, the Dead Poets at Holbrook, has takeaways on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with 4-7pm pick-up slots. Orders by phone on 01332 780301 and no cash payments at this pub.


The micropub is run by Richard and Mandy Muir of Ilkeston’s Muirhouse Brewery, with different Muirhouse beers available at different times, and some guests, mostly at £20 for nine-pint containers.

Email rmuir@muirhousebrewery.co.uk to place an order and watch the pub’s Facebook page for what’s available. Online payment is preferred.

DERVENTIO, Darley Abbey

Beer in nine-pint boxes is available for £17 from the Darley Abbey brewers and they can deliver. Look up John Baldock or Pete Nash on Facebook, email enquiries@derventiobrewery.co.uk or call 01332 380199.

GOLDEN DUCK, Appleby Magna

The brewery is at Appleby Magna, near Measham, so we’re really looking at South Derbyshire or Burton area customers but if you are that way, then they deliver free within 15 miles (it will take in Melbourne, for example).

I mention them also because I’ve heard a couple of excellent reports about the quality of the beers from people whose judgement in these matters I trust.

They’ll do five pints for £12.50, nine for £22 or 18 for £38. Call Hayley, 07828 180231 or Andy, 07846 295719 for orders and payment details.

HOLE IN THE WALL, Mickleover

This new Derby Brewing Company micropub opened and was then promptly closed by the government’s direction. They are doing takeaways like this:

The beer list is posted on the pub’s Facebook page in the morning. Pre-order by direct message by 2pm and collect between 4pm and 7pm. All beers £2.50 per pint.

Your own containers can be dropped off to be filled, otherwise four-pint containers are £1.50. Bottles can also be pre-ordered. Payment is by card only and strict social distancing measures are in place.

Credit for this article goes to Colston Crawford and Derbyshire live, read the full article here

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