The Mysteries of the hidden Hamlet: Bagshaw, Derbyshire

The Mysteries of the hidden Hamlet: Bagshaw, Derbyshire

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The little hamlet of Bagshaw is tucked away in a fold in the gritstone hills of the Dark Peak. It has no pubs or shops, no road markings, no pavements and no street furniture, with the exception of a solitary street lamp.

A left fork at the head of Sparrowpit, near Buxton, climbs to an even higher summit before dropping steeply to Blackbrook. A right turn along the way leads to the secluded hamlet of Bagshaw, aptly described in a Peak District National Park conservation assessment as sitting within the landscape, following the fall of land along its length, with individual buildings set either side of a sinuous road.

Bagshaw has no pubs or shops, no road markings, no pavements, no street furniture, except for a solitary street lamp, and some of its families have farmed in the Dark Peak hills for many generations. The hamlet can be dated back to 1251, when it was a settlement in the Royal Forest of the Peak and was recorded as Baggesswaes, meaning Badgers Wood.

Blink and you could miss it: The little known Hamlet of Bagshaw in Derbyshire.

Like Sparrowpit, the hamlet has a long tradition of Methodism. Its little chapel, converted from a cottage in 1886, has housed many christenings, but no funerals and just one wedding. After closing in 2004, the chapel remained empty for three years until it was purchased, along with the adjoining caretakers cottage, by John Fotherby, who has spent the last five years painstakingly renovating the two properties.

A longer renovation project is still on-going at Bagshaw Hall, which stands at the foot of the village and closes it off as a cul-de-sac. This fine house was the home of the Bagshaws (who took their surname from the village) before they moved in 1600 to nearby Ford Hall, where Rev. William Bagshaw, the famous Apostle of the Peak, later held secret nonconformist services. Jocelyn and Martin Street and their son, Will, now live at Bagshaw Hall.

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