The best walks Derbyshire has to offer: Mam Tor – Shivering Mountain

The best walks Derbyshire has to offer: Mam Tor – Shivering Mountain

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Reaching a staggering 517m in height, Mam Tor is rightfully one of the most famous walks in the Peak District, but why should it be on your list to walk?

Mai Tor, also known as ‘shivering mountain’, gets its name from the frequent landslips on its eastern face have resulted in a multitude of “mini-hills” beneath it. These landslips are caused by unstable lower layers of shale. In 1979, the continual battle to maintain the A625 road against these landslips (Sheffield to Chapel en le Frith) on the crumbling eastern side of the hill was lost when the road officially closed as a through-route.

Parts of the crumbled road are still visible today, as shown below. Why not stop off to look at the A625 on your way up Shivering Mountain?

Crumbling away: the once active A625

Mam Tor sits on the edge of the Dark Peak (gritstone) and the White Peak (limestone) which means you get some fantastic views of the limestone parts of the National Park, such as the dry gorge of Winnats Pass. Winnats Pass is always a favourite amongst photographers so make sure you bring your camera.

Mam Tor is the main link between the eastern end of Rushup Edge and the western end of the Great Ridge, making this one of the most-loved ridge walks in the Peak District National Park. On a clear day you can even see Manchester!

Being located near Castleton, Mam Tor has a number of caverns just below it, such as: Treak Cliff Cavern, Blue John Cavern, Speedwell Cavern and Peak Cavern.

A sight to behold: Walking along Mam Tor's ridge! Credit: Di Jones Photography

Castleton is a great place to stay if you want to explore the surrounding countryside and there are many circular walks for you to try. Another place which can be very useful as a base for your Mam Tor exploration is Edale, from Edale Mam Tor is a beautiful (albeit steep) walk and it’s also the official start of the Pennine Way!

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