The best walks Derbyshire has to offer: Eyam and Stoney Middleton
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The best walks Derbyshire has to offer: Eyam and Stoney Middleton

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With the weekend upon us, its the perfect time to get out and make the most of our beautiful county! Why not take in Derbyshire’s Limestone county with this cracking walk!

Looking for a walk that will connect you to Derbyshire history? Look no further then the Stoney Middleton and Eyam route.¬†Eyam’s main claim to fame comes from an outbreak of bubonic plague which struck in 1665, possibly carried from London in a package of cloth ordered by the village tailor, one George Viccars. He was the first victim, his burial taking place on September the 7th 1665.

Outbreaks of the disease were not unknown in the midlands at the time but what marks out the Eyam outbreak is that the villagers quarantined themselves, cutting off direct contact with the outside world. Over the course of the next fourteen months, until late October 1666, the plague ran riot in the village, killing 259 out of a population of around 350. However, the quarantine was successful as the disease did not spread to any of the surrounding villages and towns.

In recent times, it’s not the death rate in the Eyam outbreak which has intrigued scientists, but the higher than expected survival rate. Some people never contracted the virulent disease despite nursing dying family members, while others showed the symptoms but recovered. Studies have suggested that by a quirk of fate an unusually high proportion of the population had a particular gene which confers resistance to the disease.

Eyam: Shrouded in history

The Eyam and Stoney Middleton route starts in the middle of Eyam, with plenty of parking available its perfectly accessible for walking groups of all sizes.

To begin the route you’ll need to head out of Eyam on the main road towards Foolow. Look out for Tideswell Lane, as this is the lane you’ll be taking. Once on Tideswell Lane you’ll be taken through some truly beautiful Derbyshire countryside, including man made lagoons and stunning untouched Limestone Country.

Want an online PDF breaking down the walk? You can access one by clicking here.

One of Derbyshires jewels: Stoney Middleton

Totalling around 8 miles, this walk should take you around four hours, so make sure to pack refreshments for your trip around some of Derbyshire’s prettiest countryside!

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