The 7 Most HAUNTED Places in Derbyshire!

The 7 Most HAUNTED Places in Derbyshire!

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With Halloween just around the corner, what better time than to delve into Derbyshire’s more devilish history? There are ghosts and apparitions a plenty to discover

1. Bolsover Castle, Bolsover

Shiver down your spine yet? Source: Haunted Happenings.

Bolsover Castle has it’s very own Grey Lady. Time your visit just right and you too might hear the sounds of a woman crying around the grounds.

2.Castle Hotel, Castleton

Cozy up by the fireplace to tell a ghost story or two. Source: Derby Telegraph.

There are numerous reports of ghostly guests at this well known Derbyshire hotel. There are tales of a jilted bride appearing in room 4 and a legless soldier residing in room 7. Pick your room carefully!

3. Eyam Village

Would you fancy visiting this spot at night?

Eyam village is also known as “The Plague Village” – after the outbreak of the plague the entire village was quarantined. The most haunted building is said to be the Miner’s Arms where the ghostly inhabitants have led to guests leaving in the middle of the night!

4. The Red Lion, Wirksworth

This building was built in 1770 and was originally a coaching house. Source: The Haunted Company.

Local legends tell a tale of an unfortunate rider whose horse became spooked and went straight for the archway. Now a headless horseman can often be seen riding around Wirksworth at night.

5. The Crooked Spire, Chesterfield

Would you dare visit this iconic medieval church at night? Source: Charlie Emery - Sittingbourne Photographic Society.

Numerous visitors and bell-ringers have reported hearing footsteps. When they went to investigate, all the doors appeared locked and not a soul in sight…

6. Rowtor Rocks, Birchover

Search these grounds and you can find altars, thrones and arcane symbols. Source: Atlas Obscura.

Long ago in the 17th century Reverend named Thomas Eyre is said to have practised witchcraft here. Locals say if you sit in the carved stone armchair just after midnight on Halloween, you’ll hear the name of your true love.

7. Stoney Middleton

Search these grounds and you can find altars, thrones and arcane symbols. Source: Atlas Obscura.

 Have you heard about the notorious Black Harry? This 18th century highway man prowled the moor crossing between Stoney Middleton and Wardlow, preying on unsuspecting travellers.

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