Sign the petition to BRING BACK Baslow Edge’s Highland cattle!

Sign the petition to BRING BACK Baslow Edge’s Highland cattle!

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Following a complaint from an anonymous dog walker about not feeling safe around the cows, Baslow Edges iconic Highland cattle have been removed – let’s work together to get them back where they belong! 

The Highland cattle at Baslow Edge have always been a personal favourite of ours. They’ve featured on our page more times then we can count, and being avid walkers, we have always enjoyed seeing their friendly faces on walks around the Baslow area.

Sadly, following an anonymous complaint, farmer Alex Birch was forced to remove these beautiful cows from the area, selling his in-cow heifers and culling the rest. Rightfully Derbyshire residents have been outraged by the series of events – and now we have the opportunity to put right at least some of what has occurred.

The cows have played a crucial part in maintaining and enriching this beautiful moorland as part of Natural England’s Higher Level Stewardship programme ‘Native Breeds at Risk.’

It was ‘Conservation Grazing’ as native breeds are better suited to harsh climate conditions. The highland cattle have been actively helping the biodiversity of the area for many years.

Sadly, following recommendations made by the HSE, the farmer felt he had no choice but to sell and slaughter his herd of cattle.

Iconic: The Baslow Edge Highland cows.

A petition to return the Highland cow to Baslow Edge has begun, and has already amassed over 30,000 signatures in a very short time.

Would you like to add your signature to the petition? You can reach the petition page by clicking here.

Thousands visit Baslow Edge every year – it is a great shame to see such beautiful animals removed from their home because of one complaint.

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