Ready, steady, bake!

Ready, steady, bake!

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Stuck at home? Why not get stuck in making these traditional Derbyshire recipes.

You’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, finished re-reading your favourite book and finished watching that brilliant box set. Now what should you do? How about discovering your new favourite dish?

1. Bakewell Pudding

The big question is, what to have it with? Ice cream, custard, clotted cream or maybe all three? Source: Farms Girl Kitchen.

The story goes visiting noblemen had ordered a strawberry tart, but instead of stirring the egg mixture into the pastry, the cook accidentally spread it on top of a layer of jam.

You can find our favourite recipe here: https://www.farmersgirlkitchen.co.uk/bakewell-pudding/

2. Derbyshire Oatcakes

Visiting Cromford? You'll want to check out its famous Mill!

Pancake day may be over but you can still make yourself very delicious oatcakes. They were traditionally eaten at breakfast time and are an ideal way to use leftovers.

You can find a simple recipe here:


3. Thor Cake

Visiting Cromford? You'll want to check out its famous Mill!

Thor Cakes were traditionally served on Halloween or Bonfire Night and are made with oats, black treacle, spices and candied fruit.

Here’s a link to the tasty recipe: https://timetocookonline.com/2012/11/04/thor-cake/

4. Ashbourne Gingerbread

The Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop was built in 1492. Wow! Source: Our Ashbourne.

Local legend is that the recipe for this gingerbread was given to an Ashbourne baker by a French prisoner of war, billeted in Ashbourne during the Napoleonic Wars.

The recipe can be found here: https://www.derbyshirelife.co.uk/food-drink/recipes/recipe-ashbourne-gingerbread-1-1704163

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