Pevonia Skincare Has Officially LAUNCHED at Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa!

Pevonia Skincare Has Officially LAUNCHED at Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa!

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Pevonia, an international skincare and wellness brand, have partnered with Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa!

After officially launching at Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa this month, Pevonia has become a sparkling new addition to what is already a magical place to visit.

Ringwood Hall are over the moon to be working with such a prestigious brand, and now offer an even better service to customers through several new treatments, all exclusively inspired and supplied by Pevonia. 

As a leader in wellness and beauty, Pevonia has set the standard in spa wellness by pioneering some of the most revolutionary spa skincare and equipment breakthroughs for optimum face and body wellness. Pevonia natural skincare solutions and spa therapies are offered to women and men, pre-teens and teens in nearly 130 countries worldwide! For this very reason, Ringwood Hall are extremely excited to reveal this partnership!

This partnership entails many benefits for all you Spa lovers. Ringwood Hall staff members have now all been specially trained by Pevonia in the use and application of their products and treatments, which are now fully available to try at Ringwood Hall following the official launch this month.

Pevonia believe strongly in using the purest of ingredients in their products, meaning they’re 100% natural. If that wasn’t enough, they place a large emphasis on both positive mental and physical health, which is why this partnership is so special. 

There’s a whole host of treatments on offer including the ‘euphoric balance full body massage’, which is said to send tingling sensations throughout your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. 

If that sounds incredible, then why not check out some of the treatments for yourself by booking onto one HERE.

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