Here’s what divers found at the bottom of a former Derbyshire Theme Park lake!

Here’s what divers found at the bottom of a former Derbyshire Theme Park lake!

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The men who dived deep into the waters said there was “all sorts” lurking down there!

Divers have revealed their findings after delving deep into a lake at a former Derbyshire theme park.

Underwater hunters were given the green light to access to the old American Adventure lake last Thursday and spent four hours exploring the bottom of the water.

Although the Theme Park closed in 2007, the lake still remains. On the Heanor site, all the rides have been dismantled and houses are expected to be built there by 2020. 

Divers preparing to see what lurks beneath the water. Credit: Derbyshire Live

Warren Palmer, his wife Michelle and step son Anthony Hanstock have now revealed what they found lurking at the bottom of the water.

Mr Palmer, 44, said: “We found a cowboy hat that still had glitter on it, one of the remote control boats and a gold mine sieve.

“We also found some stuff which should not have been there.

“We found a lawn mower, office chairs, handbags, lots of bottles, rolled up carpets, an X-amount of shorts and around three or four bikinis.

A remote control boat found. Credit: Derbyshire Live

The divers went about 2 metres down and could see another 3 metres in front of them. The clean up operation is not finished just yet as there is an abundance of wildlife down there. Therefore it is important to clear up their habitat further. 

The group plan to hold regular clean ups at other lakes in the area too, including Erewash canal in Long Eaton.

Planning permission to build 307 homes, education facilities, a retail park and other amenities at the site has previously been granted. To read the full article by Derbyshire Live, click here.

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