HERD Steakhouse Have NEW items on Their Menu and They Look DELICIOUS!

HERD Steakhouse Have NEW items on Their Menu and They Look DELICIOUS!

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If you haven’t been to Herd Steakhouse before, you really need to, and here’s why!

Herd Steakhouse, situated in the beautiful town of Matlock have recently launched a brand new items to their already stunning Menu, that covers a range of family favourite dishes, as well as some stunning classics.

We’re extremely fond of Herd Steakhouse here at We Are Derbyshire and we’re super excited to have seen what’s on offer in their updated Menu.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go out, eat good food and drink some amazing cocktails, we’d definitely recommend this place. 

Theres a number of dishes to choose from including sticky BBQ chicken wings, juicy Tomahawk steaks and delightful desserts; just feast your eyes on all of them in these fantastic photos! 

One dish that can’t go unmentioned is the Piri-Piri Chicken Skewer which combines deliciously seasoned chicken and crunchy peppers to provide a party of flavour in your mouth! It’s served with chips and goes brilliantly with a cold pint of beer.

Another show-stopping addition to the Menu, which’ll finish off your meal in style is the cheesecake platter, garnished with macaroons, cookies and berries. This can also be seen in the photos below. 

As well as the new Menu, it’s definitely worth mentioning just how nice Herd Steakhouse is to dine in. The lighting makes the perfect dinner date, however if you’re looking for a more wild night out then don’t worry because Herd has a cocktail bar downstairs which is extremely fun too!

To get more information surrounding Herd Steakhouse and their new menu, click HERE. 

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