FiverFest is coming to Derbyshire!

FiverFest is coming to Derbyshire!

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The perfect way to support your local businesses. What will you buy for just five pounds?

The January sales might be over but there are plenty of bargains to be had at the upcoming FiverFest. After huge success in Bolsover, Gail Hannan has organised a fortnight-long event in Claycross with over 25 businesses involved. From February the 15th of the 29th, shops, cafes and other businesses will be offering an exclusive £5 deal to say thank you to the community that supports them.
Gail Hannan's vintage cafe "Cup and Saucer" has opened just this week. Source: Derbyshire Times.

“From February the 10th, we will start to release details of each individual offer and posters will go up in shop windows to tell shoppers what they can get for a fiver.”

You can find out more about FiverFest HERE.

Clay Cross is a former industrial and mining town just 5 miles from Chesterfield. Source: Visit Peak District.
“FiverFest” is a project that has been launched by Totally Local nationwide. Totally Local has estimated that if every adult in the UK spent just £5 in their local shops and businesses a week it would amount to an incredible £13.5 billion going back into our towns. You can find out more about “FiverFest” events going on throughout the country and apply to bring “FiverFest” to your town HERE. We Are Derbyshire is a small and growing organisation that aims to become the hub for all Derbyshire goings on, we would love it if you visited our Homepage, which you can do by clicking HERE.

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