Doughnotts, Krispy Kreme, Project D; Who REALLY Has The Best Doughnuts?

Doughnotts, Krispy Kreme, Project D; Who REALLY Has The Best Doughnuts?

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It can be difficult picking your favourite sweet treats at the best of times, but picking the best doughnut can be even trickier, right?!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to try out several different doughnuts (a hard task we know), from some of the UK’s biggest brands, to find out who’s doughnuts come up trumps. 

We tried and tested doughnuts from Project D, Doughnotts and Krispy Kreme and based the results of the test on three main categories; taste, looks and consistency. 

So without further ado, let’s get stuck straight into the detailed doughnut analysis!

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(Photo Credits: Project D FB, Doughnotts FB, Krispy Kreme FB)

1. The Taste of The Doughnuts

All three brands have undeniably spectacular tasting doughnuts, making it extremely difficult to pin-point a winner in this category. All are creative in the flavours, toppings and gooey centres as well as bonus toppings including popping candy, biscuits and sauces. 

The ingredients used are fresh and new batches are handmade everyday. Having spoke to the Project D in particular, they pride themselves on making as fresh doughnuts as possible. 

2. The Look of The Doughnuts 

The aesthetics of all the doughnuts were amazing too. Project D have a vast range of doughnuts that look beautiful. Their kiosk at Intu Derby is definitely worth a visit if you’ve got the chance. Doughnotts, in a similar way have stunning looking doughnuts, and now have 4 shops across the midlands in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Lincoln. Krispy Kreme also have a vast range of doughnuts, though we feel they aren’t quite as creative in the way they look and are arguably a 1/3 of the size of the other two brands. 

In addition to this category, we considered the branding of these businesses which we found a clear winner in Project D. The baby pink colour on their branding stands out from the crowd and draws you in before you even get to the doughnuts themselves.

(Photo Credits: Project D Insta, Doughnotts Insta, Krispy Kreme Insta)

3. The Consistency and Overall Decision

Finally, the consistency. In all honesty, none of the doughnuts here were overly ‘doughy’ meaning there was a good balance between dough, flavour and topping. Though if we had to pick one that was more doughy than the others, then it would be Doughnotts. In addition, it might be worth adding that Doughnotts’ toppings can be slightly sickly too.

So overall, there could only be one winner… DRUM ROLL PLEASE! 🥁

We’ve chosen PROJECT D to have the best doughnuts simply based on a couple of reasons. Project D have become a national brand in less than a year and that isn’t by chance or luck. Their doughnuts are amazing and they create a real buzz around their brand. From touring around universities to doughnuts flying off the shelves at their Derby kiosk, you can’t go far without spotting one of their pink boxes. 

We feel it’s only beginning for this brand, so make sure you check out their Facebook, Instagram (@project.doughnut), their app and of course their glorious doughnuts! 

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