Did you know Derbyshire has its own AWARD WINNING gin?

Did you know Derbyshire has its own AWARD WINNING gin?

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Derbyshire by name and Derbyshire by nature, there’s a new range of gin available that we know, will become one of your new favourites!

Having only been operating for less than 12 months, Derbyshire Distillery have already won awards for their gin, which is designed, distilled and drank in Derbyshire. 

Derbyshire Distillery’s Chesterfield Dry Gin, has been named as runner up at the international Gin Guide Awards 2019, in two categories: London Dry Gin and Traditional Gin.
The judging panel for The Gin Guide Awards included experts with significant  experience in this field, including gin producers, marketers, event managers, leisure operators and mixologists, meaning they know a quality gin when they see one!

A ‘gin’uinely stunning taste of the Peak District!

Derbyshire Distillery are soon to be moving from their current base in Staveley, to their new purpose-built premises in Markham Vale where all administration, sales and distilling operations will all be under one roof.

As well as the delightful Chesterfield blend, which is a classic London Dry gin with strong Juniper notes and a smooth finish, Derbyshire Distillery also have several other flavours, which are equally as exciting.

The pomegranate, strawberry candy floss and lemon sherbet flavours are all beautifully delicious and well the master-blend, really is a master-piece.

With these immense flavours in mind, Derbyshire Distillery have given us 3 ‘gin-tastic’ recipes that you NEED to try this spring and summer. So without further ado!

1. The Perfectly Balanced Gin & Tonic

Of course, the traditional British Gin & Tonic. Derbyshire Distillery have recommended we pair 50ml of their stunning master blend, with a Fever Tree Regular Tonic Water. But don’t forget to add ice, two blackberries and a sprig of thyme to complete that refreshing taste. 

2. A Classic Gin Martini

Who doesn’t get excited by a martini? Well this one is meticulously crafted to ensure every sip is a pleasure. The expertise of Derbyshire Distillery says that 50ml of their master blend, mixed with 50ml of dry martini and an olive to garnish hits the spot just right. 

3. A Sophisticated Negroni on The Rocks

This cocktail explodes with a variety of flavours including 25ml of Derbyshire Distillery’s Dry Gin, 25 ml of Dry Martini and 25ml of Campari, all mixed together on a bed of ice leaving a whirlwind of excitement on your palate. 

And there you have it folks, three cocktail recipes from Derbyshire Distillery that will spice up your next party or outing! We can assure you that once you’ve tried their Gin, you won’t go back, so why not grab a bottle by messaging Derbyshire Distillery through their Facebook, HERE.

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