Derbyshire needs YOUR help!

Derbyshire needs YOUR help!

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A simple phone call, delivering food or collecting prescriptions could make a huge difference to someone vulnerable near you.

Are you able to support the elderly and vulnerable in your local community? There are lots of ways to get involved.

The Derbyshire County Council are asking for people to help with:

  • Food shopping and delivery
  • Checking up on people who are isolated with a phone call or online help to prevent loneliness and check whether there is anything they need
  • Collecting and delivering prescriptions

You can find out more here:

By only buying what you need when food shopping, you can help prevent shops from running out.

NHS Volunteer Responders is a new group that will carry out simple, non-medical tasks. These tasks can support people across England who have been asked to remain home at all times due to underlying health conditions.

The NHS are looking for:

  • Community Response volunteers
  • Patient Transport volunteers
  • NHS Transport volunteers
  • Check-in and Chat volunteers

Extra information and get involved by visiting: https://www.england.nhs.uk/participation/get-involved/volunteering/nhs-volunteer-responders/

The British Red Cross are currently looking for community reserve volunteers (CRVs) to help the elderly and the vulnerable who are currently self-isolating during this difficult time.

British Red Cross community reserve volunteers support their community by sharing public health messages, connect with others safely and help provide basic supplies to those in need.

You can join up in just 5 minutes by visiting this page: www.redcross.org.uk/kind

The Red Cross is encouraging everyone to be kind to one another during the months ahead. Source: The British Red Cross.

We Are Derbyshire is a small and growing organisation that aims to become the hub for all Derbyshire goings on, we would love it if you visited our Homepage, which you can do by clicking HERE.


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