Derbyshire farm FORCED to sell or slaughter its HENS

Derbyshire farm FORCED to sell or slaughter its HENS

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Hundreds of people have been queuing to buy chickens from a farm that has helped young people after the owner was forced to sell up.

Highfields Happy Hens, in Derbyshire, taught agricultural skills to children to help get them back into school.

After getting into debt, Roger Hosking, 76, confirmed he would have to sell his land and slaughter the hens.

So far about 3,000 hens have been sold, with buyers flocking from across the Midlands to collect them.

Many said they were prepared to go the “egg-stra” mile to help the farm and peck up a bargain.

Many have bought and taken the Hens home as pets.

Mr Hosking said during the last two days, he has arrived at the farm in Etwall and up to 30 cars of people have been waiting to buy the birds.

He said most people are buying about two to keep as family pets or to provide eggs.

Kirsty Shelton, from Spondon, Derby, bought 18 hens last Friday after seeing a post on Facebook.

“We only went for 10 but ended up with 18 after more jumped over the fence near us,” she said.

Miss Shelton said the hens will be family pets for her father and young son to enjoy looking after together.

Interested in a Hen? They are currently being sold at £1.50 each.

Dave Peach, from Chesterfield, bought two hens to go with four he already has.

He said: “These two will bring us up to six chickens – one for me, one for my wife and one for each of the kids. They’ll give them all names.”

The farm will stop trading on 14 September.

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