Derbyshire Doughnut Company are delivering Christmas doughnuts to your door

Derbyshire Doughnut Company are delivering Christmas doughnuts to your door

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Project D have answered the Christmas wishes of many people across the Midlands by bringing out LIMITED EDITION Christmas Doughnuts for delivery right up to Christmas Eve!

That’s right – there’s no need to panic buy (or even to leave your sofa) as the Midlands Doughnut artisans have committed to home deliveries right the way to Christmas Eve.

There are four festive flavours available, including a never-before-seen Mystery Box containing a random selection of delightful treats – think a Christmas stocking but instead of socks and a bargain bin DVD you get four delicious mystery doughnuts! You don’t know what you’ll get but it’s definitely going to be delicious, that’s my kind of gambling!

The offering also includes including a vegan option, suitability – but not subtly – named ‘A Very Vegan Christmas’.

With toppings including milk chocolate bourbon crumb, vanilla fudge marble and even an edible Rudolph the reindeer – we can’t think of a more fitting way to gorge this Christmas. 

Project D's festive doughnuts are available for delivery right up to Christmas Eve - but there's only limited stock so you'll need to get yours quickly!

Christmas options include:

-Ray Rays Reunion Box

-A Very Vegan Christmas

-Ray Rays Christmas Dinner

-The Christmas Mystery Special

-Adios 2020

In between Christmas and New Year they’re also offering options including:

-The Mystery Special

-The Caramel Cartel Box

-A Very Vegan New Year

Though you’ll need to be quick as options have been understandably selling out quickly!


If you’d like to look at the delivery day options available you can take a look at Project D’s delivery page by clicking here.



Project D have just released their Delivery Postcode checker to help you know exactly what options are available for delivery to your door – grabbing festive treats has never been so easy!

Check out Project D’s Christmas Doughnut options by clicking here.

Christmas is a time for food, and what better food than Christmas themed doughnuts?!

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