Derbyshire Distillery are doing two LIVE Gin Tasting Events!

Derbyshire Distillery are doing two LIVE Gin Tasting Events!

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Following their first AMAZING Live Gin tasting event, Derbyshire Distillery are back, with two LIVE Gin Tasting events, on the 26th and 27th of June

Following their first live gin tasting, which was a huge success, Derbyshire’s own Derbyshire Distillery have announced that on the 26th and 27th of June, they will be doing two more live gin tasting events.

The events will be a great opportunity for you to try some of their award winning gin in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you can order your own gin tasting box, which comes with all the gin, tonic water and garnishes you’ll need for the event – all you’ll need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What will be going on at the LIVE Gin tasting event? 

The two live Gin Tasting events hosted by Derbyshire Distillery will be an hour long celebration of their amazing range of gins, as well as a chance for you to ask questions, and of course, win prizes!

On the 26th of June will be Derbyshire Distillery’s dry gin event – where being tasted will be Derbyshire Distillery’s master blend, their award winning Chesterfield dry, and the stunning Ashbourne Dry. The live tasting on the 27th of June is a flavoured Gin session, with candy floss, lemon sherbet and mojito being the gins on offer for tasting!

For the session you’ll be given your very own ‘tasting box’, with three handpicked Gins, as well as the perfect Franklin & Sons Tonic water to go with each.

Derbyshire Distillery will also be giving away prizes, and discounts to attendees, so both events are promising to be great fun!

Be quick securing your Gin Kit though, as each session is being limited to 100 attendees.

World Gin Day: celebrate World Gin Day in style with Derbyshire Distillery's LIVE Gin Tasting evening, at 7:30pm on Saturday the 13th of June

How do I get involved with the session?

Derbyshire Distillery have made getting involved with their Live Gin Tasting evening extremely easy, all you need to do is navigate to their website, and purchase your Gin Tasting kit.

The kit is £20.00 for 1, or £35.00 for two, and comes with three tasting bottles of Gin, as well as their suited Tonic Water and the perfect garnish for each.

Tasting notes and recommended garnishes are also included within the package, so you can make the most of World Gin Day with Derbyshire Distillery.

Once you’ve purchased your kit, Derbyshire Distillery will do the rest, ensuring it arrives to you by postage prior to the event. Before the event you’ll receive an email with your joining link, so all you’ll need is your Gin kit and a glass!

Want to buy your gin tasting kit? You can do so via the links below:

26th June – live dry gin tasting

27th June – flavoured gin tasting

Each Gin Tasting kit will come with a selection of Franklin & Sons Tonic Water

I’d like more information – where should I go?

If you’d like more information about the LIVE Gin Evening, then visit the link below. Here you’ll be able to read more about the evening, as well as purchase your Gin Tasting kit:

26th June – live dry gin tasting

27th June – flavoured gin tasting



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