Derbyshire could get a Bank Holiday HEATWAVE!

Derbyshire could get a Bank Holiday HEATWAVE!

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Ssshhh… let’s whisper this… we could be in for a decent August Bank Holiday!

Without wishing to curse it, signs are looking increasingly positive that summer will return for one last hurrah – just in time for the long weekend next week.

You’ve all heard of the jetstream by now, that’s the ribbon of air that drives weather systems around the northern hemisphere. It’s been right on top of us, or just below us, for a while now and that’s why we’re currently getting rubbish weather.

But meteorological charts show that it’s about to finally start getting pushed north of the UK, by around the middle of next week, and that’s where it needs to be to produce warm and sunny – or even hot – weather.

Could a scorching hot Bank Holiday weekend be on the way? Image: Derby Telegraph / Ian Hodgkinson

In truth, it’s probably a bit too early to ring the “heatwave” bell yet, but some forecasters are hinting at hot weather becoming a fixture by Friday, and this could even ramp up during the Bank Holiday Weekend.

So, if everything goes to plan, we could be looking at a 25C barbecue bonanza over the three days – and it could be even hotter in other parts of the country.

Parts of the country could be set to go well north of 25 degrees.

Of course, a lot could change between now and then, but forecasters have been watching this pattern develop for a few days and certainty is increasing with every passing hour.

In the shorter term, the news isn’t quite so good. The jetstream is currently south of us and it’s funneling in nasty low-pressure systems with wind and heavy rain – Friday, for example, will be another washout.

This pattern is set to stay in place for the weekend and, while Saturday and Sunday might not be looking as wet as first feared, it’s likely to be very windy.

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