Christmas comes early for abandoned dog!
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Christmas comes early for abandoned dog!

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Rescuers suspected the poor little pooch had been used by badger baiters.

Tender love and care has seen this beautiful little doggie transform. Rescuers were so worried when they found this little chap near Chinley back in September. The dog was found at a site where two men had been spotted digging into a badger sett.

Now this dog has found a loving home just in time for Christmas – his new family couldn’t be happier with how he has fully recovered.

Thank goodness he's made such a fantastic recovery. Source: Buxton Advertiser.

The Derbyshire Police have looked into the matter and reported “We never found the owner or the person who were suspected to have been badger baiting at the sett.”

However, they did note, “The dog did have a microchip in his neck. Interestingly, the micro chip was a Hungarian chip registered to the National Veterinary Service in Hungary.

The chip wasn’t registered to any individual person.”

Badger baiting is a form on animal cruelty whereby dogs are forced to enter badger setts. It typically ends with the death of a badger and can result in series injuries to dogs. It has been outlawed in the UK since 1895.

A baby badger enjoying the sunshine. Source: Oh My Mag.

If you’re concerned that someone has done something illegal to a wild animal you can call the RSPCA 24-hour Cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 – or contact the police.

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