In the festive spirit of giving, two Derby lads have organised their own ‘reverse’ advent calendar to help disadvantaged people in Derby.

The challenge is similar to a traditional advent calendar, except rather than gobbling down chocolate every day, the duo are asking people to give something away.

The pair, who are based in Chaddesden, came up with the idea in early October after reading about similar ‘reverse advent calendar’ schemes in other parts of the UK.

Co-organiser Rich Vickers, 35, said: “The idea is that you take a box and put 24 items in it, one for each day of an advent calendar and then when your box is full, we will come and collect it.”

Along with his pal, Earl Richards, the two-man team will be handing the completed boxes out to homeless people on the street and contacting people in need through charities.

They will also be getting in touch with disadvantaged families, people who are living in housing agency homes and children in care.