Car flipped upside down in Derbyshire crash last night

Car flipped upside down in Derbyshire crash last night

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A car ended up on its roof last night in dramatic car crash.

After a horrible collision on a road in Normanton, Derby last night, a car was flipped onto its roof. The crash happened just after 9pm and police were forced to close the road as a result.

Debris was extensively scattered across the carriageway where Normanton Road and Rosehill Street meet but incredibly the police said there had been no injuries.

The wreckage at the scene of the accident was spread across the width of the road and on adjoining pavements.

A rather large crowd of spectators watched as the two cars remained in the centre of the road. 

Both the silver car that was on its roof and a blue car that it appeared to have hit had suffered extensive damage to their front ends including a number plate being fully rips from its front.

We wish all to be well and hope the damage can be cleared as soon as possible.

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