Can YOU save these Derbyshire chickens at risk to Covid-19?

Can YOU save these Derbyshire chickens at risk to Covid-19?

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The clock is ticking for these friendly Derbyshire free range chickens – can you or someone you know help?

These chickens are in urgent need of your help!

Where are the chickens from?

Green Bank Chickens is a free range chicken farm in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. These  free range pasture-raised chickens love the outdoors and enjoy eating herbs, grass and grain, free from antibiotics.

These lovely hens have lots of pecking ground to keep them busy and happy. After a busy day of foraging, at night they nestle down in small flocks in naturally ventilated houses. Animal welfare and environmental sustainability has always been the foundation of Green Bank Chickens farming ethos.

Check out the video below for more information surrounding the #SaveTheChicken project.

Why do these chickens need re-homing?

Sadly due to the strain of Covid-19 and an increase in the price of chicken feed, Green Bank Chickens can no longer afford to run the farm unless they risked compromising the welfare of these wonderful chickens which is something they wouldn’t do.

Green Bank Chicken Farm’s top priority is re-homing as many of these beautiful hens as possible – could you rescue some of these wonderful creatures? Click here for more information.

#SaveTheChickens: Can you help save these beautiful creatures?

What are the benefits of keeping chickens?

The benefits to keeping chickens are endless, and far outweigh just having fresh eggs for breakfast every day. A happy well kept chicken is very loving and affectionate – they often will greet you when you arrive for their morning field and might enjoy following you around the garden.

Chicken littler is one of the best fertilisers around and a great way to make excellent compost.

The biggest perk has to be the magic of collecting fresh eggs. What a wonderful way to start your day! Eggs are great source of protein and packed with vitamins, Omega-3, and Beta Carotene.

What do I need to provide a new home for a chicken?

Even a small garden can often accommodate a few chickens – they will enjoy as much space as you can provide. Chickens do need:

– A hen house

– A feeder and drinker

A solid storage bin and cleaning-out tools will come in handy too.

It’s best to have at least three chickens to keep each other company.

Want to find out more? Head to the Greenbank Farm website here.


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