A SAUSAGE DOG HOTEL has opened in Derbyshire!

A SAUSAGE DOG HOTEL has opened in Derbyshire!

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Find out about the perfect sausage dog boutique hotel in Derbyshire!

Whilst the Sausage Dog Sanctuary has only been running for a few months, already it’s a huge success with Dachshund owners far and wide. Hannah and Ewan Stutchfield, owners of the hotel, even have a lovely pair of sausage dogs themselves so you can your furry pal will be treated like one of the family.

Stunning scenery surrounds this Holmesfield based hotel. Source: Sausage Dog Sanctuary.

What does the Sausage Sanctuary offer?

There is a large enclosed garden for them to play in, including a doggie pool, games and even brain-training puzzles too. They will enjoy at least one long walk every day in varying locations including parks, trails and the stunning Derbyshire countryside.

Up to 6 Dachshunds are walked at a time giving your pet plenty of opportunity to make new friends. Source: Sausage Sanctuary.

How can I help my dog get ready for their holiday?

There is a free ‘Meet & Greet’ service available, where your dog will meet Hannah and Ewan’s very own Betty and Oswald sausages. This involves a short walk so the dogs can get familiar with one another, then half an hour in their home, giving your dog the chance to get comfortable with new smells and surroundings.

Betty and Oswald are happy to share their pad with their new pals. Source: Sausage Sanctuary.

Will you let me know how my dog is getting on?

Ewan and Hannah are happy to provide updates during your pooches stay. You can even follow your dog’s pawcation on Instagram and Facebook with regular photos and video.

You can find out more here.

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