A jewel of Derbyshire: Treak Cliff Cavern

A jewel of Derbyshire: Treak Cliff Cavern

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Rain or shine, visiting one of Castleton’s incredible caves is a perfect day out. We Are Derbyshire recently went to Treak Cliff Cavern. So what exactly makes them so amazing?

Marvel at the natural caverns

With low ceilings at times and slippery floors throughout, you’ll definitely want to wear sensible shoes. You can’t help but feel excited as you go underneath Castleton to see what’s in store below.

The caverns themselves are beautiful and expertly lit to showcase the different coloured stones, stalactites and stalagmites. Be sure to keep an eye out for Gertrude the Witch! A witch shaped shadow – you can ask your tour guide as to how she got her name.

Our tour guide's favourite spot - showcasing how Blue John Stone and Calcite have formed over time.

Travel back in time

The only way to see Treak Cliff Cavern is through a guided tour. The tour guides are not only entertaining but extremely knowledge about the history of both the mine itself and the rocks within.

Because Castleton is the only place in the world where Blue John Stone forms, demand for this elusive stone soared during the 18th century.  Today you can still see a beautiful ornamental Blue John Stone vase located in Chatsworth house.

Can you spot the miners hat in this photo?

When comparing their working conditions to that of coal and lead miners, Blue John Stone mining was a sort after position. Whilst commercial mining ceased in late 1926, Blue John Stone is still mined here today.

What else is on offer nearby?

There’s free parking, picnic benches, a small cafe selling drinks and sandwiches and you’re spoilt for choice with walking routes. Treak Cliff Cavern is also within walking distance of Castleton if you fancy exploring the picturesque village afterwards.

You can book your tour here.

Take a look at this view! Source: BlueJohnStone.com

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