A jewel of Derbyshire: Matlock Bath

A jewel of Derbyshire: Matlock Bath

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Here’s 3 things about Matlock Bath that you didn’t know before !

With so many things to do, in such a small place, it’s no wonder why Matlock Bath is a popular choice for tourists to spend their time. 

We’ve found 3 things about Matlock Bath that you may not have known before which really emphasise why this is such a charming, enchanting and interesting place to visit.

1. Born a Statham?

Published census returns state clear popularity for the surname of STATHAM which seemed to be very localised to Starkholmes in particualrly.

This also appeared to spread into other areas of Matlock including Matlock Bath. 

2. Let there be light!

We all know how amazing the Matlock Bath Illuminations are, right?

Well allegedly, electricity was first used in 1950 when the event was revived by the Matlock Bath Venetian Fete Committee, who, with minimal assets, managed to stage a one-night event. A crowd of around 20,000 attended.

3. Matlock Bath is an official conservation area!

Matlock Bath is now a designated conservation area with an Article 4 Direction in relation to properties, predominantly along North and South Parade.

Hopefully, you’ve learnt a little something from this article! We love Matlock Bath for all its quirky features and most of all for the fact that Matlock Bath is an amazing seaside town… absolutely nowhere near the sea!

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