A jewel of Derbyshire: Lumsdale Falls

A jewel of Derbyshire: Lumsdale Falls

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Looking for somewhere to visit as winter turns to spring? Lumsdale Falls should be top of your list!

Following our previous article about the Lumsdale Valley, we felt it was only fair to follow it up with a piece focusing on the breathtaking Lumsdale Falls! Located within the beautiful wooded gorge of the Lumsdale Valley, and only a stones throw from Matlock, Lumsdale Falls is perfect for those looking for a family day out in Matlock! A site of historical significance, with a host of ruins, as well as one of the largest water powered mills in the country! Looking to visit? We’ve trawled the web to find the perfect walk for you to take that will make the most of the Lumsdale Falls, and its surrounding area!
Image Credit: Scott Willoughby

The route begins in Matlock, taking you along the Bentley Brook, eventually arriving in the Lumsdale Valley.

Along your route you will be treated to several historical mill ruins, waterwheels, three mill ponds and a series of waterfalls – what a list! 

To access the full walk, you’ll need to visit the GPS Routes website, which can be reached by clicking here.

Image Credit: Bill Tyne Flickr

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