A jewel of Derbyshire: Chatsworth House

A jewel of Derbyshire: Chatsworth House

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Here’s 3 things about Chatsworth house you may not have known before!

Being one of the most iconic spots to visit in Derbyshire, you will seldom meet someone throughout the UK who hasn’t heard of Chatsworth House. But are there still facts surrounding the stately home to be discovered? We cover three below…

1. Restoration, restoration, restoration!

The Duke and Duchess have overseen significant recent restoration!

Though it is common knowledge that Chatsworth has undergone various restorations in recent years, the sum of these renovations will likely surprise many, it certainly shocked us!

Over the past decade over £32 million has been spent on restoring the House – what a massive sum! Its great to see the house looking so great!

2. The emperor fountain!

An attraction of its own: Chatsworth's Emperor Fountain

When visiting Chatsworth The Emperor Fountain is a sight near the top of all of our lists, right? Well for good reason. Chatsworth’s Emperor Fountain is in fact a Grade II listed building!

The fountain is completely gravity fed. The water flows naturally from the moorland above Chatsworth into the Emperor Lake. Pipework then brings it down the hill to the fountain. It is capable of reaching 90m (290 feet) but is usually “turned down” a bit to save water. No swimming allowed!

3. Chatsworth has one hell of a workforce!

What a sight! Chatsworth in all of its glory!

When visiting Chatsworth, its always clear to see that a lot of personnel are required to ensure the tourist attraction runs smoothly, but how many are needed?

Well the number is large – over 100! Chatsworth truly is a MASSIVE operation!

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