75 AMAZING new houses to be built near Matlock – here’s the details!

75 AMAZING new houses to be built near Matlock – here’s the details!

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Derbyshire Dales District Council has granted approval for 75 houses in a village near Matlock – here’s how it happened, as well as how it will impact the area!

At a meeting on the 5th of February, councillors approved two sets of housing applications totalling 75 houses, which will significantly increase the housing in the area, which was counted at 545 in the 2011 census.

Of the 75 houses, 49 are houses at Tansley House Gardens pitched by Mr Stephen Eaton, and 26 are properties in Whitelea Lane, put forward by William Davis Ltd.

This is what Tansley House Gardens COULD look like!

The developers have not been asked to built the houses in brick or stone to match current housing, following being asked pledge thousands to support local schools and healthcare.

Tansley residents and the local Parish Council felt approving the developments would worsen existing pinch points on roads, putting the village under further strain.

The 49 proposed homes for Tansley House Garden

Though the developments will inevitably not be finalised for a number of years, tensions are already high within the town of Tansley.

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