5 Beautiful Derbyshire Places to Visit in 2020!
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5 Beautiful Derbyshire Places to Visit in 2020!

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We’ve chosen five of our favourite Derbyshire spots, to help you make the most of the outdoors this year!

I think we can all agree that often we will fail to appreciate what we have. Being based in Derbyshire, we have on our doorstep (sometimes quite literally!) some of the prettiest countryside Britain has to offer.

From the stunning views  of Mam Tor to the breathtaking architecture of Riber Castle, the We Are Derbyshire team had a tough job choosing our five favourite Derbyshire spots for your to visit in 2020.

1. Dovedale

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Part of the Peak District, Dovedale is breathtaking all year round, with amazing views to be seen , particularly on a clear day. The most iconic part of Dovedale has to be the stepping stones, used to cross the River Dove. Wonderful place for walking a plenty.

2. The Tissington and Peak Trails

Image Credit: Steve p2008 Flickr

Avid bike rider or thinking about picking it up? The Tissington and Peak Trails are a great place to get started with long time cyclists and families alike. With handy cafes to stop at along the way, the miles will fly by. Just make sure to stop now and then to take in the sights.

3. Lumsdale Valley

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Feeling adventurous? Then Lumsdale Valley is the one for you. With moss covered ruins and hidden waterfalls, there’s so much to explore and take in. It almost feels like you’re transported into another world. A hidden gem, not to be missed. Check out our video of Lumsdale Falls courtesy of Marv Draper here.

4. Bath Gardens, Buxton

Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Are you looking to develop your green thumb this year? How about checking out Bath Gardens in Buxton for inspiration? These immaculate gardens host beautiful plants and flowers all year round.

5. Druid’s Caves, Birchover

Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Sensible shoes, a torch and trousers you don’t mind getting messy are needed for this trip. It’s well worth a visit, with otherworldly caves and stone carvings. If you are up for a challenge and happy to do some climbing, then head over to Druid’s Caves.

Which places in Derbyshire are you looking to visit this year? We’d love for you to comment them on this articles post on our Facebook page! Find it here.


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