1950s views of Mickleover show city suburb when it was just a sleepy village
The Hollow, Mickleover, in 1955, near to the junction with the village square and Etwall Road (Image Credit : Derbyshire Live)

1950s views of Mickleover show city suburb when it was just a sleepy village

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The days when bicycles could be left without a padlock

These fabulous vintage photos hark back to the days when this Derbyshire village was a sleepy backwater.

Today, Mickleover has been almost swallowed up by its big city neighbour but, when these photos were taken, it was still very much a rural settlement.

Both the images were taken in the winter of 1955 and show one of the village’s oldest roads, the Hollow. The main image, above, was taken looking towards the village square and Etwall Road.

A milkman is pictured driving his milk float down the Hollow from the main road. Happily, the buildings in the photo remain today, although what looks like a building which can just be spied through the trees behind the substantial stone wall in the background has long since been replaced by a more modern development.

The Hollow, Mickleover, in the 1950s (Image Credit: Derbyshire Live)

We love the way the bicycle has just been propped up against the gate – no need for padlocks in those days.

The other image is looking down the Hollow in the opposite direction and, again, the buildings in the 1955 photo are still there today.

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